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Ali Xeeshan’s Baghawat Collection.Model: Amna BabarPhotography: Abdullah Haris


Ali Xeeshan’s Baghawat Collection.
Model: Amna Babar
Photography: Abdullah Haris

Anonymous asked
Please answer all ur questions today

Anonymous asked
What do you think about Sadqay Tumhare so far?

I’m really liking it. Episode 2 was a drag to be honest but I understand why it was done.. puri episode main Khalil sahab ko roti hi khilatay rahay.. lol  I still have reservations about Adnan Malik, I mean he is cute and all but still unconvincing.

I love the portrayal of the village life, it’s so close to my own experiences when I used to visit my father’s village so I loved watching that aspect of the drama.

Mahira’s doing well too even though her character is not all that far off from her own personality. Maybe it will change later but yeah, this is the most comfortable in a character I’ve seen her. 

adeelhusain asked
So Naveen Waqar & Faysal Qureshi are the leads for Mol. They just started shooting.

Yes, I heard about that! I’m actually happy about the casting. I really love Faysal Qureshi and wanted him to get out of the A&B zone for so long cuz honestly, it’s not doing him any good considering how freaking talented he is. And Naveen and him will make a fresh pair. 

Anonymous asked
Hi! Is Mahira Khan married or divorced? I had seen a few reports of her and her husband to have been reportedly split.. Thanks :)

I can’t confirm that she is officially divorced but they have split. I mean she basically confirmed it on Tonite with HSY as well as in her interview for Instep. So yeah.. 


Zara Shahjahan’s “A Folk Tale” at PFDC LOreal Paris Bridal Week, October 2014.


Meesha Shafi wearing Zara Shahjahan at PFDC Loreal Paris Bridal Week’s Black Carpet.

tanhayee asked
hi anam, whats your views on the item song thing going around in the pakistani movies?

Hi Divya! :)

Yeah, I’m not liking the trend at all. I’m not a fan of item numbers generally. I don’t know how any woman would be okay with them. *sigh*

Anonymous asked
Hey!! Have u heard of that drama being filmed these days Dayar e Dil? Its written by Farhat Ishtiaq and the cast includes Sanam Saeed, Osman Khalid Butt, Mikaal, Maya Ali, and Hareem Farooq! Pretty good cast :)

Yes! I have heard of it and seen some pictures from the shoot. I’m looking forward to it. And Im also glad we will be seeing different locations on screen. :)

Anonymous asked
Hey what did you think of Sadqay Tumhare!

I loved it! I am always looking out for Khalil ur Rehman’s dramas. Love old school romance!

Anonymous asked
hey, do you know where I can watch Jackson Heights in HQ? So far, all the links I've found are kinda fuzzy. lol. Love your blog btw :D

No links available :(