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So I wanted to ask, if there is actually some other drama featuring Hamza Abbasi and Sana Javed? Some time ago there were these Promos on ARY Digital...

The only dramas Hamza has done are Pyare Azfal and Mera Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley. Unless he did some guest appearance or ad with her then I don’t know..

Pakistani Drama Recommendation # 5: Kya Life Hai! 

If Karachi High rings a bell for anyone, this drama wouldn’t be a surprise for you. Karachi High has kind of a cult audience and when I found out they were making a new series following the same characters, I was thrilled! 

Kya Life Hai follows a bunch of friends who lose touch after college and end up meeting each other at their 5 year school reunion. They have different careers and outlook on life but realize that they are the same people deep down inside. The drama then follows their lives rekindling their friendships as well as the ups and downs they face. 

There is a season 2, but I wouldn’t recommend that. This however, you should definitley look in to because it is a sweet drama with lovable and relateable characters. 

Cast includes: Shahroz Sabzwari, Natasha Saleem, Anoushey Ashraf, Yassir Husain and many more. 

Watch here: Kya Life Hai

waveofeuphoriaa Nice to see you back! So far only Jackson Heights air date has been announced. I’ll keep everyone posted about the rest of the dramas. And HSY is a famous designer in Pakistan. He is friends with most people in the industry so it will be a fun show! He is also directing a movie soon, so Im excited about that too!


Favorite Aamina Sheikh characters.

Happy Birthday (August 29) to my favorite actress in the world!

One of my favorite instagramers: karachichaiwalla

Whoever he is, he takes beautiful photos of everyday life in Karachi. The chai photos make me nostalgic and take me back to a place I left long ago.. I can smell the chai and hear the pour through his photos. You should follow him.

adeelhusain Yeah, the dates keep changing so I’m keeping my hopes low. lol MHMD comes on Fridays and it still has few episodes left so don’t really know. Plus I don’t know much about Urdu1’s dramas or timings. But I’m happy now that we know JH is def airing this month.

BTW, Laa is ending.. Is Sadkay replacing that?

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What do u think of laa?? The last ep is supposed to come on saturday. I thought the story was good and interesting but idk the way they presented it, something was off, what do u think?

I only saw first two episodes so can’t really say much but I liked what I saw. I found Sadia Khan to be really annoying though lol

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So theres a drama called paymaan with sanam saeed in it then another drama called firaaq with sanam saeed named paymaan in it?????¿¿¿¿

LOL I just realized.. I’ve been so used to calling this drama Paymaan that I listed it as that in my previous answer. Sorry.. lol Firaaq and Paymaan is the same drama. Firaaq is the drama’s name. I’ll edit the post right now.

In other news, Sanam Saeed is part of the line up in Coke Studio Season 7! She isn’t the backing vocalist because Zoe Viccaji has been replaced with Sara Haider. Zoe is also part of the lineup and she is also busy with her album that releases on September 1st so explains why she isn’t the backing vocalist.

Anyway, I bet Sanam maybe singing some English numbers as she was part of the Pakistani Grease theater production this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if she will sing a song from the Grease soundtrack. Will be interesting nonetheless.

Anonymous asked
Hey! Can you list dramas that are starting soon? I can see theres a bunch starting from the posts below but just collectively all the titles of the ones discussed lately? Thanks :)


  • Jackson Heights
    Cast: Noman Ejaz, Aamina Sheikh, Adeel Husain, Marina Khan, Ali Kazmi, Adnan Jafar, etc.

  • Goya
    Cast: Osman Khalid Butt, Sana Javed, Hira Tareen, Gohar Rasheed, Asad Siddiqui.

  • Firaaq
    Cast:  Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Noor Hasan, Junaid Khan, Cybill Chaudhry. 

  • Sadkay Tumharay
    Cast: Mahira Khan, Adnan Malik

  • Zid
    CastMaya Ali, Ahsan Khan, Rabab Hashim.

These are the ones I know of that are mostly airing in September, expect Zid, I’m not sure when that’s airing.

Other than that there is also Tonite with HSY to look forward to which is a talk show hosted by a really famous designer in Pakistan. So far the confirmed guests are Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Iman Ali, Saba Qamar, Hamza Abbasi, Mehreen Syed, Aisha Khan, Umar Shareef, Bilal Lashari, etc.

Also, Coke Studio is starting on 7th September as well.

So yeah, September is an exciting month!